Men in locker rooms


Da staunt der Mann

änner are single-minded beings. This is evidenced by, among other things, the statistics of the dresses purchase: men spend between her 14th and 49th year a total of 72 minutes, changing rooms, 49 minutes of it accidentally or against their will. Women, however, bring it on good and like 109 hours, not minutes. Volunteering. This is evolutionarily related. The man must constantly be on guard against saber-toothed tigers, etc., he could only use a fraction of a second for his appearance, otherwise it had happened to him and his family. The woman, however, is knowing the safe protection of their leader, was not under such time constraints.
These differences are visible today and provide many a twist: "Should I take the red or the blue one?" - "Honey, take the Blue." - "Did you mean? I think it makes me look fat. Moment, I prepare to step just spent in the countryside. "-" May I now sometimes just go to the media market? "-" You do not love me! "
But recovery is in sight! At CeBit was a body scanner presented, which raises the figure of the customer on the wall. Now you only have the label of the desired clothes holding front of the scanner - and you can see yourself in a new dress or suit. In this way, classifying it by trying 20 garments in 8 1/2 minutes - and just in time for the start of the World Cup back home :-)


  1. Nini
    Mar 14, 2006

    Do you really sure everything evolutionary explain? ;-)

  2. Klabauter
    Mar 14, 2006

    Oh, no later than the tenth article of clothing crashes the program but from ... and then the man sits back in his beloved torn clothes in front of the telly.

  3. Kittyluka
    Mar 14, 2006

    Can I Smart shit? Biiiittte : D

    10,000 BC (or sometime in the rotation), there was a surplus of women to not be expelled back of the men, women had from the ground to emphasize the beauty craze Arose, so it's all your fault;) ... by the way are by the time the blond hair came ...

  4. seekXL
    Mar 15, 2006


    first a praise. A really good blog and it makes reading fun :)

    As I already read the first line on the home page, I had to immediately play "Caveman" remember what's going on in Berlin in the arena every night for years and enjoys still very popular.

    I do not know whether some know it already, but this is so with shopping things and male determination. Causes can already be found in the time or stir from there and passed down through millennia in the genes. We used to take nothing to do except to take care of us food (hunting) and our women to protect the "collection". Today it looks then I think the same as described above, which one. Women "protective" accompanied to the store or go shopping and then falling into the embarrassing situations, even in the locker room with having to clean

    Anyone interested in something like that should definitely look at this piece of times - it's worth it - preferably with a partner with whom one is a bit longer together, to get even the mutually no longer zugrienen out what subconsciously every day so happens :)

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