Photo Gallery: battered men

müde Männer

When is it over?

Some time ago I was already under the title "Adventures in the women's department" made ​​aware of the agony of battered men. Why should anybody have the reorder woven and tanned everyday materials at women? We buy our USB hard drive but also on their own.

Eternal Mystery. Anyway, in today's edition of the SZ magazine , there is a very nice photo gallery: men were photographed while they waited for their wives. What might all be gone in their minds right? Maybe one or the other Nobel Prize suspicious mathematical formulas developed? The solution for the Greek government deficit discovered? Or he thinks, in which Internet forum gather similar Beaten? It would be so easy to pass the time while sitting a little [ Video ].


  1. Michael
    October 21, 2011

    Certainly one or the other man is reflected in the faces. This crazy idea should be further developed in any case. Maybe next time you draw on the responses, if your wife or girlfriend sitting behind the wheel and just desperately trying to get into a parking space. :)

  2. Greg
    October 25, 2011

    "Could he do anything. He does not do it though. Because he is a man. What true for a dork. "... How.
    Actually quite amusing when I think about it and so the images look. But how often I was even already in this situation ?! Since I was then anything but feel like laughing!

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