Tilt-Shift: Photos like cardboard

Das ist Ulm ...

This is Ulm ...

In the tilt-shift technique trying to make real photos "artificial" look. But not "somehow", rather the impression of toys should arise. For example, modern vehicles to plastic cars of the 50's and ICE trains to sheet-Bimmelbahnen ( here ). The Smashing Magazine brings 50 such results that can impress even. How to get the generated with Photoshop, plus there is this tutorial . Oh - and the "Papphäuschen" pictured left - Ulm city center. When I received around the corner.

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  1. Ormus
    January 15, 2009

    Well done, my attempts have been less successful ;-)

    ps Another Ulmer Blogger? It seems to me the only way, or is there here in Ulm quite a few bloggers per capita?

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