Tilt-Shift: Photos like cardboard

Das ist Ulm ...

This is Ulm ...

In the tilt-shift technique trying to make real photos "artificial" look. But not "somehow", but rather the impression of a toy to be created. For example, modern vehicles to plastic cars of the 50's and ICE trains to sheet-Bimmelbahnen ( here ). The Smashing Magazine brings 50 such results that can impress even. How to get the created with Photoshop, plus there is this tutorial . Oh - and the "Papphäuschen" pictured left - Ulm city center. When I added around the corner.

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  1. Ormus
    January 15, 2009

    Well done, my attempts have been less successful ;-)

    ps Another Ulmer Blogger? It seems to me the only way, or are there quite a few bloggers in Ulm per head?

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