Men's Wheelchair Stroller


Give gum!

Every young father she knows: All the colorful prams and buggies, which are sometimes big and Globig, sometimes small and dainty taken from the trunk. And 51% of the pram-pushing men wonder: it grows dim my male overall impression when I push so what?

Thanks to the new model from the manufacturer "4moms" is no longer asked this question! A gentle push on the starter button puts the hydraulics in motion - similar to how we know it from the culturally quality Transformer series. The part unfolds by itself, no more searching of Einrastriegeln. Stroßgedämpft you rattle over the pavement, whisper quiet, the battery for the eight light sources charging during sliding, a display is continuously information on many indicators, of course iPod and iPhone can be connected, different transparency layers provide a clear view of the Scion ... and ... and ... and. Certainly, you have to grab it a bit deeper into their pockets - but let's face it: Should not that be worth the offspring? - In any case, the video is worth watching!

Homepage of 4moms.

[Note received via Twitterubermarkus - thank you!]


  1. Christoph
    January 16, 2012

    The thing is maybe cool in the pedestrian zone, but once a dirt road or a paved road ends are achieved coolness. The small front wheels are a joke ...

    Says a dad who has rumgeschoben more than two children.


  2. Stefan from north
    January 17, 2012

    Great idea but the execution could be higher quality.
    As should have a go, the guys from Porsche Design.

  3. Dirk
    January 17, 2012

    Great story - have allowed myself the contribution recommended

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