Nespresso may be a sin?

W hristmas and coffee machines - one is inconceivable without the other. Anyway, you get that impression when you drift in this Vorweihnachtswochen through the department stores and all the colorful machine looks ...


critical Coffee

We came back from a concert, candlelight poured over the reddish-Christmas table cloth sofa, the room was warm and I decided to take advantage of the cozy atmosphere in my favor:
"Hach oh well," I sighed. "A small evening espresso would be now but a fine thing."
"Then go 'in the kitchen and Carry out an" replied Isabell, the most pragmatic of all the girlfriends.
"I could do, of course," I drawled. "But this is so awkward."
You: "What's so complicated? Fill pot, turn on stove, pots make it, take jug down. "
Me: "Exactly!"
You: "Eben?"
Me: "That's so awful retro ..."
"Retro" I Sanni had. The works in an advertising agency and constantly drags on those words.

Isabell was silent. She worked in any advertising agency, ignoring words that they thought was empty of content. Well I tried it direct:
"So Matthias, who has recently bought a Nespresso machine and this zip is completely blown away from it."
Isabell was unimpressed: "Your friend Matthias," she said, "your", "who was also blown away by the plastic pike on the wall of your mother, who always, Merry Christmas' blares and fails with the fin, if you pass him comes. Also, when it is Easter. "
Over Easter I wanted to now not talk to her. So I took a new approach:

"So we let Hans" - Hans was the plastic fish - "we let Hans now get out of the game. You have to admit that this little colorful capsules are incredibly practical. Purely so that in the machine and ready. "
Isabell pfffte by the teeth, which generally is not a good sign. Her tone was a little combative:
"Eben - so pure and out with it! Billions of aluminum cones move in the trash! Do you think about the most environmentally friendly? "
With this argument I had expected and looked up at the Nespresso website, what you could reply. So I kept the aluminum hat yellow bag against what earned me just another "Pfft" and remarked that I would probably still believe in Santa Claus. Isabell continued:
"Aside from the environmental - You know what you cost?"
"Well, the machines are not too expensive, that they 19 bar pressure ..." Further, I did not. With their skillful frond-like hand movements she silenced me: "I do not mean the machine - I mean the coffee."
I beamed, because I knew the price of the cent: "32 to 38 cents a cup"
You: "Exactly!"
Me: "Exactly?"
You: "Yes, count it out: In one case 5 grams are there, so a gram costs about 7 cents. The kilogram coffee according whopping 70 euros! "
Hm, I had not yet seen. 70 euros really sounded like a lot now. Okay, I gave before 14, 15 euros for a coffee from the highlands. But this amount made me now but thoughtful. I said nothing. I remained silent, because I could think of no more appropriate arguments. Inside, I took leave of the Lattissima EN 670, which I had seen for a paltry 200 Euros plus 50 capsule voucher the media market in the Blue Beurer road. But it was true: It was important that we did not do any marketing ploy, occasionally saving the world. Yes, my Isabell - I stroked her gently on the hair. Just a question I had:

"Honey, you have a right as usual! But I'm really surprised that you have all these facts and figures ready so - hats off "!
"Oh," she said as she grabbed the TV guide and it flipped, "this does not take much. Finally, I looked around two weeks ago in detail on the web before I the little black dress for my office - bought "- model CitiZ & milk, titanium.
Abruptly, I moved away from the most exaggerated by all friends and they looked aghast.
"You double-tongued! How could you ...? "I was lost for words.
She reached for the remote and said, "Hach - I find the commercials just so sweet, in which George Clooney pulls his little Nespressochen and is thinking that women talk about him. You also have to look so grim life is not always. Well, now I want to hear nothing more of the matter - the crime begins ".


  1. David Guitar
    December 27, 2011

    Very beautiful written, a really nice story.
    I enjoy above all, that the rotation is very successful, with the slightly goofy Clooney shown in the advertisement.
    In order to setup these hypes the crown, maybe you should let a Till Schweiger for Bubble Tea accessories advertise on price with the highest standards. Oh .. how sweet ...

  2. Michael
    August 24, 2013

    Hello Herbert,
    that's a droll story times. But despite everything, I am a big fan of Senseo. Was never from the Nespresso Clooney or excited.

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